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Murder At The Redfriars Reunion


The body of millionaire Charles Van Mortem is found strangled to death with his own telephone cord whilst hosting a school reunion in his beloved Bloodford Manor. But who killed him ? His wife - Olivia ? The local reporter - Danny Fox ? The timid Reverend Chaste ? And what about the cabaret singing duo - Errol and Stella De'Ath ? Only YOU can crack the case in time!


Period 1930s - Theme - Public School




The Final Curtain


 Local postman Norm Money and his charming sister Penny Money seem to have something to hide. His unscrupulous agent Robin Doe and his actress fiancee Delores Supreme stand to inherit a fortune. And what of the bizarre Hungarian vocal coach Istvan Savlon ? Find out who brought the curtain down on Oscar Winner before the murderer strikes again ! Actor and notorious playboy Oscar Winner is found dead and a host of peculiar suspects await your interrogation!


Period - 1930s - Theme - Theatre




A Study In Crimson


At her birthday celebration dinner Lady Grey is found, murdered.. But who bumped her off ? Her daughter, May Grey ? May's fiance Rick O'Shea ? The deaf housekeeper Miss Hitts ? The gamekeeper Private Acres ? And what about the crusty old Scottish physician - Dr Macabre ? Only YOU can crack the case and make the arrest ! 


Period - 1930s - Theme - Manor House




Murder On The Churchill Express


The eccentric Austrian inventor, Professor Kildorf is shot while awaiting departure of his train. The train is stopped and the suspects gather. Was the culprit his brainbox assistant, Heidi Heibrau ? His wife, Pearl ? The station master - Will Gerritt - has some dark secrets to hide, as does the Police Officer fronting the enquiry, Bobby Poppet! And what about the RAF Wing Commander with the peculiar limp and the bushy moustache ? YOU must crack the case ! The outcome of the war depends on it! 


Period - 1940s - Theme - WW2




Murder By The Book


The infamous author - Augusta Wind - is killed in mysterious circumstances! She was about to publish her memoirs, in which she promised to let some skeletons out of the closet. But who silenced her ? One of her servants - Amelia Cook, the maid, or Fusspot, the butler ? Her toyboy lover - Hugo Larst ? The renowned explorer - Tom Braider ? Or what about the loudmouthed suffragette - Charity Kase ? It's up to you to find out why Augusta Wind was blown away! 


Period - 1910s - Theme - Suffragettes/Explorers




All Aboard For Murder


The new mayor Mr. Meaner walks down into the village to outlay his destructive and money-making schemes for the area, only to be shot down. An array of suspects, none of whom seem to know the victim, are on hand to answer your questions : the circus performers - Monty Zoomer and Claire Voyance ; the local French teacher - Fleur Timere ; a train engine driver - Bernie Cole ; and the Irish priest - Father O'Dere. Find the connection and crack the case! 


Period - 1920s - Theme - Circus




The Master Blackmailer


The dastardly blackmailer Vivien Van Der Vice gathers his blackmail victims together to extort more money from them. Minutes later - he lies dead, stabbed in the back. Everyone has a motive, but only one of the suspects killed him ! Was it the ditzy nurse Jacqueline Hyde ? The disgraced seaman - Perry Scope ? The leader of the W.I. - Prudence Payes ? The local grammar school teacher - Professor Marcus Upp ? Or what about the shifty bank manager - Derek Debbitt ? Only YOU can bring the guilty to justice !


Period - 1930s - Theme - School/Nurses




I-Spy Murder


The Swinging Sixties are in full swing, until Hamilton Goldwyn drops dead - apparently for no reason at all ! A list of suspiciously suspicious suspects convene - Hubert Herring and his wife - Henrietta ; the hotel owner - Iona Notelle ; the mysterious and seductive Russian temptress - Natalya Inapalave ; and the suave and dashing would-be chaffeur - Martin Aston ! Only you can solve the case in this fight to end the Cold War !


Period - 1960s - Theme - Spies




The Case of the Final Aria


The great Operatic diva - Nellie Bakewell - is touring the country. When she arrives in your town, accompanied by her dresser, Jasper Lovelace, and her leading man, Valentino Garibaldi Biscotti, a mysterious death takes place in her presence. Dumbfounded, the assembled company look to Constable S. Haywain to solve the crime (with YOUR help of course) ! Crack the case before the curtain comes down !


Period - 1900s - Theme - Opera/Theatre




The End of the Funnel


Ivor Funnel owns the local railway station. He announces his intention to destroy the line and seconds later - he lies dead.... But whodunnit ? Was it his lover - Nurse Gladys Goodbody ? The local spiv - Arthur Sixpence ? Theatre owner - Isadorra Jarre ? The train driver - Tom Pullman ? And what about Funnel's scheming business partner - William Frigate ? Only YOU can solve this puzzling case !  


Period - 1930s - Theme - Trains









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